Who We Are

We are a nationwide network of therapists who specialise in working with Psychological Trauma. All of our practitioners are fully Accredited with our governing body, BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies), the lead organisation for CBT in the U.K


What We Do

Traumatic experiences can happen to anyone. Following a traumatic event, many people feel understandably distressed, have bad dreams and cannot get memories of the trauma out of their mind.  This can last a few days or a few weeks.  But for some people, they can go on to have more severely disabling and longer-lasting difficulties.  Up to 20% of people who have been exposed to a traumatic event go on to develop psychological trauma.

People who suffer from psychological trauma, keep reliving the traumatic experience through nightmares and flashbacks, feel detached from family and friends, avoid situations which remind them of the event, and their bodies tend to be on 'red alert' much of the time.  These symptoms vary in intensity from one person to another and can be very disabling.

We work with people to help them better manage these distressing symptoms.  We are qualified, skilled and experienced trauma therapists who can take you through techniques to help you build useful coping strategies to help you gain more control over your symptoms and reduce the negative effects that psychological trauma has on your life.  There are a number of ways in which we can do this and your therapist will discuss with you the most appropriate intervention to help you process the trauma memories, so that you can remember the event and its consequences, without reliving them.  This also helps to locate the associated emotions firmly in the past.  We will help you become aware of unhelpful thinking and ways that will reduce your sense of threat so that you will feel better.  We look to help you reclaim your life and to plan activities which improve your sense of satisfaction and achievement and allow you to restart a fuller, less restricted life.

Why We Do It

It is a humbling experience to be able to help people move on with their lives. Therapy requires a lot of courage and trust on the part of the client. Opening up to your therapist can be difficult, but avoiding the most difficult aspects of what distresses you, serves only to keep your distress on a loop.

Many therapists report back that they are astonished by the strength, resilience and bravery of those they treat, and it is this strength to overcome personal difficulties, that sets us on a road to recovery and allows us to get our lives back on track.

What is Psychological Trauma

At some time in our lives, all of us will experience upsetting and distressing life events. For some of us, we will find our lives touched by traumatic life events. Trauma is the emotional shock experienced following an extremely stressful or traumatic event. Events such as road traffic accidents and other accidents or acts of violence are known as 'traumatic life events'. They are often unexpected, unpredictable, overwhelming, highly life-threatening (to us or other people) and can be extremely difficult to come to terms with.
One of the things that makes these traumatic events different from other, often anticipated, major life events, is the magnitude and unexpectedness of the emotional shock that is experienced, such as feelings of intense fear, helplessness and horror.


Client Care

Every client presentation is unique.  We use evidence-based models inclusive of the most up-to-date theory and research interventions to ensure consistency and the best results for recovery for our clients. From the moment you walk in our door, your recovery experience should be exactly what you hoped it would be.

Conduct, Performance and Ethics

Your therapist will commit to always act in your best interest; to always maintain high standards of assessment and practice; to always respect your confidentiality and to work with you honestly and with integrity


All that is discussed in your therapy sessions will be treated as confidential. Your personal details will only be discussed with another member of CBT Health Ltd for the purposes of gaining supervision on your problem and needs (we are required to seek supervision by our professional bodies as a means of ensuring good practice). However, as a service, we are obliged to record your details on our data systems and these can only be accessed by authorized CBT Health Ltd personnel and an audit trail can trace anyone who looks at your information.

The Exception!

PLEASE NOTE: We have a legal obligation to break confidentiality under certain, very rare circumstances, namely if we believe that a client is a danger to themselves or others or if we believe that a child is at risk of physical or sexual abuse or neglect.


We are obliged to provide basic information to your referrer and if they require a more comprehensive detail of your therapy, then they are required to seek your consent for this to happen. If we felt that it would be helpful to request additional medical, social or legal information, we could only do this with your consent.

Crisis Management

CBT Health Ltd does not provide crisis management intervention and we would advise that in the event of crisis arising, please contact your general practitioner.

About Carol

Beginning her therapeutic career with Childline Scotland in 1999, Carol went onto work with other organisations specialising in mental health, trauma and addiction. During her career, Carol has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience across a range of sectors.  She has a 15 year career with Social Work Services, Community Mental Health and Addiction teams and held a senior role with Social Work services including lead CBT clinician with joint Social Work and NHS Scotland, CBT Clinic based in Glasgow.

Following her years of trauma practice and experience, Carol graduated in CBT for Psychological Trauma from the University of Oxford and it was through her studies, that she recognised the necessity for the better understanding of trauma and its impact on brain function, trauma memory, trauma diagnosis, comorbid status, social functioning and the various recovery interventions.

Whilst attending University of Oxford, Carol decided to found CBT Health, a specialised practice for a very special disorder — psychological trauma.

A 10-year post qualified, BABCP accredited and practicing CBT therapist, Carol dedicates her time to supporting those who have experienced psychological trauma. She advocates that exposure techniques must be very carefully considered and that placing clients in a position of undertaking trauma exposure requires a knowledgeable, confident, competent and experienced practitioner and it is precisely those practitioners that she has recruited to work as affiliates with CBT Health Ltd.

Carol facilitates continuing professional development (CPD) in Psychological Trauma, teaching other CBT professionals the dynamics of this subject matter as a means to informing and elevating trauma practice. She also provides supervision and is a Consultant on the topic of CBT for psychological trauma to various organisations.

CBT Health also specialises in trauma for different trauma populations, including children, young people, adults, refugees and asylum seekers.

"I have always worked with trauma. It wasn't intentional to begin with, but I think that adage of "I didn't choose it, it chose me", comes to mind.  I've worked with some incredible people and they have been truly inspiring to me.  What people can tolerate and what they have tolerated, is unbelievable and it is their will to recover from their experiences that drives me to help them work through their painful and traumatic memories and to explore practical ways to help them move on with their life so that they can live the life they want and deserve.



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Trauma work is changing. Our understanding of brain function, memory and diagnosis, enhances interpretation of how to intervene in the most appropriate way for every individual. The event may be similar, but the client is unique. Let’s get it right.

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