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I had something horrible happen to me in 2014, and since I'd been having nightmares and feeling depressed ....

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My first car accident was much worse than my second. I was badly injured and so was my wife. The other driver was killed. As awful as it was, I thought I’d dealt with it reasonably well...

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I attended CBT Health for therapy in Glasgow in September 2015 and went there for counselling, my work arranged this for me as I was off work for a number of weeks with stress and depression.

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I visited Carol after going through a tough spell of anxiety. I couldn't understand why I was suddenly experiencing these feelings. At 29 years old everything in my life was doing as well as I could have imagined but for some reason I kept experiencing unusual thoughts and mentally putting myself in unrealistic situations...

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My name's Marie and I was referred to Sandra to work on my anxiety. My emplyers refferred me due to my ongoing 'outbursts' at work - not anger but tearful outbursts...

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Thank you for everything you have done for me! Thanks for making me myself again!

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Hi my name is Sharon, after the trauma of the breakdown of my 23 marriage I decided after a major argument with my brother I decided I couldn't pretend I was coping any longer...

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Thank you so very much for your help, support & guidance...

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Trauma work is changing. Our understanding of brain function, trauma memory and the correct trauma diagnosis, enhances intervention improving effective therapy and outcomes for every individual. The event may be similar, but the client is unique. Let’s get it right.

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