Working with trauma presentations can be daunting, no matter what our experience.  Many therapists are concerned that attempting to help a vulnerable client, may in fact damage them further.  It can be a challenging and scary subject matter.  However, as therapists, it is essential that we do not distance ourselves from our client’s distress, but move toward them to help them better manage their symptoms. Our workshops are designed to provide participants with a better understanding of trauma and the interventions available to them. After completing the workshop, participants find their confidence levels raised and are better prepared to engage with clients who have survived trauma.


Workshop: An Introduction to Trauma

This workshop presents the first principles of working with traumatic reactions. It is an introduction to the wide-ranging consequences of childhood and adult trauma, and aims to clarify the varying post-traumatic presentations that we can encounter in both our clinical and support work.

An Introduction to Trauma explores normal post-trauma responses through to complex trauma reactions. In doing so, it examines various diagnostic categories and symptom presentations from Acute Stress Disorder (ASD), Type I and Type II traumas, PTSD, through to complicated trauma reactions and developmental trauma. We will also explore the impact trauma has on the brain and memory.

You will already have experience working with clients and you will have a range of therapeutic strengths and abilities.

A central aim of the workshop is helping you harness your skills to aid your clients. The key to this is understanding not just how problems developed but what maintains them.

We will explore how to minimise flashbacks and dissociation when engaged in trauma dialogue with your clients and what to do if this does happen.

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Workshop: Working with Trauma

Our second workshop, Working with Trauma, focuses on understanding the impact of childhood and adult trauma on brain development; individual psychology; and social and emotional functioning.

Working with trauma looks at the ripple effect of trauma and explores how a specific event can pervade a wide range of lifelong functions. This workshop will help you develop conceptualisations of current difficulties in the context of past experiences and develop appropriate treatment strategies for your given trauma population.

After completing the workshop, participants find themselves better able to identify trauma reactions and implement the most appropriate clinical interventions.

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CBT Consultant, Carol Gallagher, studied Psychological Trauma at the University of Oxford and followed that with Advanced Clinical Studies, again at Oxford and teaches PTSD on the CBT Diploma course in Glasgow.


  • PG Advanced  Clinical Studies
  • PG Cert CBT for Psychological Trauma
  • SCOTACS Advanced Clinical Studies
  • Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy
  • Supervision in Practice (Qualified Clinical supervisor)
  • Diploma CBT
  • MBABCP Accreditation


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Trauma work is changing. Our understanding of brain function, memory and diagnosis, enhances interpretation of how to intervene in the most appropriate way for every individual. The event may be similar, but the client is unique. Let’s get it right.

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